Yummy Mummy Recipes


I have reached that age when majority of my friends have kids and I have somehow adopted a new identity as #auntiejo. As far as I can tell, being a responsible parent ain’t no easy task. Feeding your child with healthy, nutritious food seems to be an even a trickier task, especially with the masses of readily available processed crap out there, as well as the mis-conception on how complicated and time consuming it is to prepare delicious, nutritious and nourishing snacks and meals.

More and more of my yummy mummy friends are taking great care and love in preparing healthy meals for their families. This page is inspired by and also for them.

Featured Yummy Mummies

Keelin Lo

Ragnar’s mum, Keelin, is one of my dearest friends on this planet earth and one of the yummiest mummies I have met (but I am biased). She has always been a mean cook before she became a mum.

Ragnar meditating.

Ragnar watching his breath

I’d like to think that I have inspired her somehow on healthy eating and lifestyle. So, these days, her 3-year old gorgeous Eurasian boy, Ragnar, is her greatest helper in the kitchen and together they make simple, nutritious food together.

I get asked to share my healthy recipes a lot but I am basically too lazy to to it. Until I break that procrastination curse, I present you with #yummymummyrecipes, with love from Keelin & #thevikingboy, Ragnar.