About This Blog

I wanted to have a clear message on why, what and how I am creating this blog.  So, I have been trying to come up with something “perfect” for not days, but months, just to write this About Us Section. But the thrive for perfection and certainty was the exact thing that held me back that led me to procrastination. The fear of not having something “perfect” and “clear”. It became clear, but it’s difficult to admit. I simply do not know exactly. 

That took a while to accept this. But it’s quite relaxing to come to terms with this I don’t know state. And to tell you that I don’t really know. And I am just going to wing it, hopefully together with you. I do know I would like the readers (you) to help me work out what this is going to be about, and this page is for you and me = us.

So that makes “being ok with not knowing” the  first thing I know about this blog . The letting go of needing to know. I do know I want to share my experience and encounters. I also want a space to allow others to do the same. I have stopped collecting material stuff in my life. But my eye for beauty remains, and so are the circle of friends in my life.

I wish to curate and collect pieces of memories, stories and art here that may touch your heart, stirs you up somewhat, make you teary or even laugh out loud. Or just a re-assurance that someone else out there feels the same as you. It’s about a woman’s search for meaning and happiness in life and the stories, and sharing the lessons and stories from the people she met on the path.

It’s about spirituality.
It’s about the ripple effect.
It’s about being vulnerable.
It’s about being authentic.
It’s about conscious life style.
It’s about being more awake and aware.
It’s about yoga.
It’s about the Buddha’s teaching.
It’s about meditation.
It’s about eating more plants.
It’s about wholesome recipes for mind and body.
It’s about bringing people together.
It’s about being scared and lazy but doing it anyway.
It’s about the mess we sometimes get into.
It’s about the places that scare us.
It’s about lessons from depression.
It’s about being perfectly imperfect.
It’s about helping each other heal.
It’s about the art of living and dying.
It’s about doing what we can to reduce others’ suffering in the world, within our capability.
It’s about changes.

There’s one common thread: being vulnerable and sharing our shadow stuff is a prerequisite for the work featured here.  Or plain beauty. We are still attached to beauty, but that’s ok too.

About Founder | JOSEPHINE (JO) CHAN 

volunteering orphanage mongolia

Jo volunteering at a children’s home in Mongolia

Jo (aka Rhubarbaby) is a true renaissance woman with a questionable affinity for rhubarb and durian fruit. A well-intentioned ‘hopeless romantic’, she has meandered off the corporate-brick-road towards on a new path of adventure, growth, and (Karma-willing) liberation from Samsara. Armed only with her trusty calligraphy pen, an exceedingly dry wit, and her personal experiences with depression and wellness, Jo strives to understand the depths of human experience, and yearns to help others who are suffering by sharing with vulnerability, authenticity and beauty.

The past few years have steered Jo towards a nomadic lifestyle, studying and practising various pursuits including Ashtanga yoga, the Buddha’s teachings & meditation, Thai/Vedic bodywork, and holistic plant-based cuisine. These interests have blessed her with immersive learning in countless countries and cultures — from sharing yoga and love with 90 children at a Mongolian orphanage, to practising meditation in an off-grid kuti in the hilltop tea plantations of Sri Lanka — shaping her evolving worldview, and revealing her unfolding spiritual path. She is currently volunteering in Greece working with the refugees primarily from Syria and the Middle East who are currently stranded in a limbo. And within each of these lessons, she reminds herself daily that the most challenging pilgrimage we all tread is one towards the reduction of the sense of self, and to be in equilibrium despite the polarities and mundaneness of our human existence.

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