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The year I got my dual qualification admitted as a solicitor in Hong Kong, on top of my English qualification. The same year I quit my corporate law job without a clue what I was going to do with my life, yet knowing deep down there was more to be discovered in life. It also reached a point I didn’t know anymore how to handle the black dog that had been visiting me recurringly for decades.

Today that year, I got on a plane from Hong Kong to Mumbai, en route to Goa on my own ( as you would as a budding hippie wannabe), to go on a yoga and living food retreat. It was my first time to India and as a woman going solo, the media had me quite nervous.

I had only the first month of my trip planned. Somehow… Some 20 countries, a few hundred more friends, God knows how many sun salutations and hours on my meditation path / cushion, I seem to be still on my nomadic journey, both inward and outward, four years later.

It wasn’t always a breeze , nor only fun and games during this time, but the seeking / search is over. It’s all right here, right now, regardless of where I am. And it was here all along. But had I not gone out searching for it, it would not have been possible to realise that.

Had I not made / continue to make peace in my heart, it would also not be possible to offer my little contribution of service to this world, and especially to the refugees communities.

The poorest I have ever been materially, and yet the wealthiest and most contentment and ? ever felt in my heart.

And the amount of inspiration I have felt from all the people who’s come into my path in this journey. You continue to amaze me. As well as those who gave me courage to take the leap.

Was I scared leaving my comfort zone? Shitless.

Was it worthwhile?
Without a doubt.

Would I do it again?
At the blink of an eye.

Do I miss having a real job?
I do miss having my amazing secretaries.

Do I know where I will be living next month?
Not entirely.

In case fear was holding you back to make a change. In case you may regret how you had lived on your deathbed…. Just in case you just needed a little nudge.

Ps. The black dog tamed and now my best friend and one of my greatest teachers.

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